Corporate planning

Founded in September 2006, Chuzhou Jiacheng Mould Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the manufacture of non-standard equipment such as plastic molds, foaming molds and foaming fixtures for refrigerators and freezers in Wuzhou City, Anhui Province. After ten years of development, the company ranks among the top three in the industry.

The company covers an area of ​​13,500 square meters, plant and office area of ​​11,000 square meters, fixed assets investment of 28 million yuan, 85 employees, including 16 engineering and technical personnel, 8 management personnel. The main design processing software is Proe/UG/Cimtra/AutoCAD. Now it has formed a modern molding method based on CAD/CAM/CAE technology integration and CNC machining as the main body. The company passed the ISO9001 quality system certification in 2006 and was recognized as the national high-tech enterprise enterprise honorary title in 2017.

The company has the distinctive features of "all for the user". At present, the refrigerator plastic and foaming fields are trying hard to explore a management industry.

The company is currently making progress and steadily developing. The accumulation of management experience is growing and its strength is constantly increasing, laying a good foundation for the company's next development.

In order to achieve better development, the development plan is as follows:

I. Guiding ideology

"All for the user" to abide by the laws of the market, and constantly improve according to the actual situation of the enterprise.

Second, enterprise positioning

Increase research and development efforts, increase investment in research and development, increase the number of R&D staff, and increase investment in CNC high-precision equipment.

Strive to strive for the highest level of the same industry in the country after 2-3 years of hard work under the efforts of the employees of the company.

Third, the enterprise advantage

The competitive advantage of the enterprise is as follows:

1. Market advantage

According to the company's annual sales task, monthly sales tasks. Decomposed according to market specific conditions. Decomposed into monthly and weekly. The monthly and weekly sales targets are decomposed into various systems and various marketing personnel to complete sales tasks at various time periods. And on the basis of completing the task, improve sales performance. The main means are: improve team quality, strengthen team management, formulate reward and punishment systems and incentive programs, and vigorously promote overseas sales.

2, quality, technology and other advantages

10 invention patents, 18 new patents and 5 high-tech products. The company vigorously develops technological innovation and is at the forefront of technology.

3. Talent advantage

With 10 high-tech engineers, and a large number of high-tech processing and assembly talents, leading the industry's technology frontier

Fourth, the strategic implementation points

The implementation of the development strategy requires highly sophisticated talent. It is imperative to raise the level of management talents in all aspects, and strengthen the training and construction focus of cadres and employees.

First of all, to use Bole's eyes, to identify the Maxima from thousands of horses. In other words, the selection of talents should be good at getting the best and the fittest. In short, we must identify the real talents that really revitalize the company from the essence of human beings. Of course, we cannot ask for full blame for talents, but we must look at the roots and talents to cultivate talents. use.

Second, we must create conditions for talents to stand out. Small trees need soil, sunlight, moisture, fertilizer and time. People need talents to inculcate knowledge, moral sentiment training, ability training, practical experience and difficult tortuous tests. The cultivation of talents should be carried out simultaneously with both morality and talent. In the "German" aspect, we must educate and train talents to be loyal to the company, the spirit of selfless dedication and the hard work of hard work; in the "caliber" aspect, we must enrich the wisdom of talents, and in the practice of training people's talents, increase talents to deal with various The ability and experience of complex and complex affairs.
Third, as a functioning machine, the company needs a variety of components to form. This metaphor shows that in the tide of market economy, in order to survive and develop, enterprises must cultivate talents with certain professional qualities such as management talents, technical talents, financial talents, and measurement test talents to ensure the company’s “this machine”. "Normal operation, can withstand the test of wind and waves." Practice has shown that there is no gold in the red and no talent in the people. Then, all talents rely on the advantages of various professional talent groups to complement each other.
Fourth, the use of talents should focus on the age structure of talents and the combination of professional skills and structure to ensure that the management of the company is followed. The development of science and technology today, the improvement of the level of cultural education, and the broad market have provided more favorable conditions for young people to show their skills in the corporate world. Therefore, the enterprise talent structure should be medium and green, and the professional skill structure should be managed, skill-based, and pioneering, so that the enterprise can be invincible.

Fifth, focus on cultivating and developing high-quality project management talents and various professional and technical personnel. First, it is the first resource to establish talent resources in terms of concept. To do a good job in talent work, we must establish the concept that human resources are the first resource, and overcome the tendency of seeing things and not using them. We must adhere to the principle of respecting labor, respecting knowledge, respecting talents, and respecting creation. We regard promoting development as the fundamental starting point for talent work, and firmly grasping the three links of cultivating, attracting, and using talents, strengthening the capacity building of human resources, and vigorously cultivating All kinds of talents including project management talents. It is necessary to give full play to the promotion role of project management talent resource development in project construction, adhere to the principle of combining morality and ethics, and regard morality, knowledge, ability and performance as the main criteria for measuring talents, not only academic qualifications, not only professional titles, not only qualifications, not Only identity. We must firmly establish a people-oriented concept, put the promotion of healthy growth of talents and give full play to the role of talents as the primary position, and strive to create a social environment that encourages talents to do business, supports talents to do business, and helps talents do good business, letting all labor and knowledge go. The dynamism of technology, management and capital is competing. It must be noted that the investment in talent cultivation is the most profitable input. The waste of human resources is the biggest waste. In accordance with the requirements of all-round development, efforts should be made to improve the ideological and moral quality and scientific and cultural qualities of talents including project management talents, and give full play to the subjective initiative and creative spirit of talents.

Sixth, establish and improve the training mechanism for talent training. Adhering to the strategic position of talent training in the priority development of enterprises is an important link for the long-term survival and development of our company. It is also an inevitable choice to give play to the advantages of the unit resources, to build innovative enterprises, and to accelerate the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises. Relevant departments such as organizations and personnel must establish and improve talent coordination management and training programs, and adopt various means and methods to train more urgently needed talents, especially for business management talents, professional and technical personnel and skilled personnel. The strength of training, use and attraction. Take the approach of coming in, go out and hire experts and relevant technical personnel to train graduates of colleges and universities who have graduated in recent years, set up training courses, give targeted training, and give appropriate treatment to key personnel and other Aspects and methods to prevent brain drain. The training and application of talents is a key issue for the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises. The company should put the development and training of professional managers and professional technicians on the important agenda.
Seventh, we must do a good job in training outstanding talents. To do a good job in cultivating talents, we must first understand that the characteristics of the knowledge economy are people-oriented, and we must establish a people-oriented management concept. People-oriented management refers to a series of management activities in the process of enterprise management, taking people as the starting point and center, focusing on stimulating and mobilizing people's initiative, enthusiasm and creativity to realize the common development of people and enterprises. The most prominent point is that people-oriented management should focus on the overall development of people. Today's competition among enterprises will be carried out on the level of innovation, and enterprise innovation, whether it is technological innovation or management innovation, is the main body of innovation, and the competition of excellent talents is the key to success. To do a good job in the cultivation of talents, we must pay attention to the following misunderstandings: First, we must focus on the outside world. The introduction of talents loves preference, the treatment is excellent, and the original talents of this unit are a standard. In terms of work, we only pay attention to the role of foreign talents. We do not pay attention to the enthusiasm of mobilizing internal talents. We have neglected the original talents of our unit intentionally or unintentionally. Over time, the relationship between them is tense and contradictions. The second is to re-direct light training. I am enthusiastic about the introduction of talents, and I am willing to spend a lot of money to dig up talents. I am not interested in cultivating the talents of the company. I always emphasize objective difficulties. I don’t focus on training, but supplemented by the guidance, from improving the overall technical quality of the unit. To ensure that the company is invincible. The third is to be light and talented. Heavy diplomas, heavy titles, and insufficient examination of political quality and ideology. As a result, some people often care about their personal treatment. If they are dissatisfied, they will be upset. Even if they leave, the employer will suffer economic and work losses. The fourth is to emphasize the "rational" light "text" or the "text" light "reason". Many units pay less attention to the management and management talents, but pay more attention to engineering and technical talents. Some lack management awareness, do not put management in the right place, and some lack the tolerance of "Wu Dalang opened a store", afraid to introduce management talents, affecting their "location." Sometimes it is easy to form a "talent" with personal likes and dislikes. The fifth is heavy and light. Some supervisors and leaders do not understand that the scientific and rational talent structure should be a group of high, medium and junior talents according to a certain proportion, but he only loves high and middle-level talents, and looks at each other. Forming a talent gap, or disguisedly subsidizing the arrogance and pride of high and middle-level talents. The sixth is to reuse light pipes. Some people care about talents and value talents. They think of material incentives. In other needs and developments, care and care are not enough. Management is weak, and side effects may occur, causing bad losses and consequences to the unit. Therefore, it is also managed well while using talents.
Cultivating more talents is not the equity of our company to achieve project management, but a strategic and important project that needs to be built for a long time. Therefore, we must put the cultivation of talents at a strategic level, not only Do a good job in cultivating talents in the near future, and also make long-term talent reserve work to create greater talent competitive advantage for the company's healthy, stable and sustainable development.

V. Development prospects

Domestic customers: Toshiba Appliance Manufacturing (Nanhai) Co., Ltd., Nanjing Skyworth Household Appliances Co., Ltd., Anhui Konka Electric Co., Ltd., Hisense Rongsheng (Guangdong) Refrigerator Co., Ltd., Hisense Chengdu Refrigerator Co., Ltd., Hisense (Shandong) Refrigerator Co., Ltd., Hisense ( Yangzhou Refrigerator Co., Ltd., Midea Refrigerator Division, Hefei Plant, Nansha Plant, Jingzhou Plant, Whirlpool (China) Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Wanbao Refrigerator Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Wanbao Group Minquan Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., Guangdong Omar Refrigerator Co., Ltd., TCL Household Appliances (Hefei) Co., Ltd., Hefei Jinghong Electric Co., Ltd., Ningbo Handian Electric Co., Ltd., Lu'an Soy Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd., etc.

Target: The company's output value will be 50 million yuan from 2018 to 2020.

Foreign customers: Toshiba Thailand TPT, Vietnam Hoa phat, Pakistan Dawlance, India Tata, Egypt Fresh and Unionaire, Turkey Walton, Italy Candy Czech and Russian factories, Bangladesh Walton, South Africa Hisense and so on.

Target: 2018-2020, the company's output value is 20 million yuan abroad.