Omar refrigerator mold experts came to our company for inspection


On January 8, 2018, the leader and expert group of China Omar Refrigerator Co., Ltd. went to Zhangzhou Jiacheng Mould Manufacturing Co., Ltd. They visited the CNC workshop, machining, and finally came to the product assembly workshop. Guo Maoming, general manager of the company, introduced them to the company's development profile, production and operation in recent years, product development of technology and technology, and recent major production projects. Leaders and experts expressed their appreciation for the development of our company in recent years, expressed appreciation for the technology and achievements of the company's research and development products, and expressed optimism about the company's prospects. They said: Omar will continue to maintain a comprehensive cooperation relationship with Jiacheng Mould Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and will encourage and cooperate with Zhangzhou Jiacheng Mould Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to develop and manufacture higher level molds.