Mold design and manufacturing prospects

Mold design and manufacturing prospects

In 2020, the domestic mold market is expected to be 250 billion yuan, and the proportion of medium and high-end molds required for manufacturing technology development and transformation and upgrading will reach 60%. The level of mold manufacturing has become an important indicator to measure the level of manufacturing in a country, and it is also one of the important guarantees for a country's industrial products to maintain international competitiveness. The following is an analysis of mold design and manufacturing prospects.


Analysis of mold design and manufacturing prospects, the proportion of molds that can drive related industries is about 1:100, that is, the development of molds is 100 million yuan, which can drive 10 billion yuan of related industries. From 2018 to 2023, the in-depth analysis and investment strategy research report of China's mold design industry shows that molds are widely used, and there are many kinds of classification methods. According to the nature of the mold forming process, the mold can be mainly divided into stamping die, plastic die, casting die and forging die. According to the statistics of China Die & Mould Industry Association, the proportion of sales of various types of molds in China from 2008 to 2011 is as follows:


Mold design has long relied on human experience and mechanical drawing. Since the development of mold computer-aided design technology in China in the 1980s, this technology has been recognized and has been developed rapidly. The work of mold processing mainly focuses on mold surface processing, surface processing and assembly. The processing methods mainly include precision casting, metal cutting, EDM, electrochemical machining, laser and other high-energy beam processing, and more than two processing methods. As a composite processing. The three major trends are now used to analyze mold design and manufacturing prospects.

1, multiple integration trends

In the past, mold design and manufacturing prospects, in the past mold design and manufacturing process, the main focus is on the information collection and development model, and with the continuous development and progress of the society, in the modern mold manufacturing process, it should also deal with other technical content. Given a certain amount of attention, including the reference of Human resources and management technology, the use of technology, etc., the trend of multi-integration of mold design technology has become more and more obvious. In addition, the subject function also reflects the concept of multi-integration. In the mold design, a variety of theories are often used, including control theory, optical theory, electromagnetic theory, mechanical science theory and so on.

2, intelligent trend

The basic equipment for intelligent production of molds should have sensing, analysis and control functions, and the molds should also have sensing, analysis and control functions. With the changes in China's Human resources, the development of molds will inevitably move towards intelligent and automated roads. Analysis of mold design and manufacturing prospects, enterprises will greatly improve production efficiency when using intelligent molds for production, and also play an important role in improving product quality. In addition to this, it saves production costs and enables fully automated production as well as green production. Although there are not many enterprises in China that produce high-intelligent molds, they represent the development trend of technology in mold manufacturing. When the level of the intelligent mold manufacturing industry is improved, it can play a strong leading role in the industry, and thus promote the better development of China's intelligent mold manufacturing industry.

3. Networking trend

Mold design and manufacturing prospect analysis, in the mold design process, often use a variety of software, including SOLDEDGE, AutoCAD, UG, etc., only with some network software technology, the above software can be applied to the mold design. As domestic and international cooperation design molds become more and more successful, the network design trend of mold design technology will become more and more obvious.

The mold industry is the foundation of the manufacturing industry, from cars to toys, and its production is based on a series of small and small molds. Driven by the equipment manufacturing industry, China's mold industry has developed rapidly in the past five years. Analysis of mold design and manufacturing prospects, the industry continues to have emerging companies, such as Hong Kong-funded, Taiwan-funded enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises to join in, and the original enterprises are also pursuing greater development, while the level of mold technology continues to improve, these are on the mold Talent has more and higher demand.